Who we are

Quality and expertise at the heart of all we do

Our primary aim in Interoutes is to provide clients with exceptional tailor-made maritime consulting services offering timely information and present-day optimal solutions.

Predominantly, we assist our clients to circumnavigate safely any adverse weather proceeding towards their destination, while at the same time allowing for minimum costs and minimum fuel emissions. We achieve this by providing vessels with updated and detailed weather forecast plans along with specialized navigational route advisory.

Our experienced team, consisting mainly of master mariners and captains, monitors the vessels daily while keeping close contact with the Masters on board. Each voyage is treated individually, providing optimum plans overseen by our captains for smooth sailing. What distinguishes us from other companies in this arena is the availability of actual former ship captains able to respond and support on a variety of issues through human-to-human communication. From our experience, the presence of an actual former ship captain in a conversation with a vessel Master on board, regarding difficult maritime decision making, alleviates uncertainty and provides clarity and validity to the proposed solution.

Year to date, we have monitored, routed and assisted over 40000 voyages at sea and have successfully supported our clients with our voyage assessment reports, without ever losing a case, thanks to our outstanding team. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and we intend to continue on this path toward excellence.


In a world of fully digitized services and extremely accelerated speed of communication, we have made the leap to the future with our web platform IRS Nautilus. In the IRS Nautilus dashboard, our users can access the latest available information regarding their vessels, actual hindcast data and forecast projections, constantly updated weather conditions’ visualization as well as a multitude of features and tools. To achieve that we have partnered with key associates to allow us to continue updating and excelling at our established services while synergizing our platform with the markets’ highest quality digital products.

Always aiming to better assist our clients, we are constantly moving forward with creating new tools, new solutions while also searching for future partnerships that can elevate our products and services.

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