Performance assessment

Interoutes, as a really independent routeing agency, makes all efforts to arrive to an accurate result and to provide objective ship performance reports, without prejudice to any party, irrespective of the party that has hired its services.

Interoutes is of the stance that the aim of the monitoring bureaus is to assess the performance of the vessels on voyages, in accordance with the High Court decisions and the latest Awards in Maritime Tribunals.

The Performance and Claims team has extensive experience in preparing the voyage reports, which are ready to be used in case of arbitration and legal proceedings.

The Performance Evaluation method is based on a Good Weather Analysis, a methodology for speed and bunker analysis calculations in good weather, as set out in three English Law precedents, namely:

- “The Didymi” case [1988]. 2 Lloyd's Rep 108 [Didymi Corporation vs. Atlantic Lines and Navigation Inc.]
- "The “Gas Enterprise” case [1993]. B.P. Shipping Ltd. vs. Exmar N.V. [The Gas Enterprise) -    Court of Appeal. LMLN 0357]
- “The Gaz Energy” case. [Hyundai Merchant Marine Company Limited v Trafigura Beheer BV vs Daelim Corporation (The “Gaz Energy”)  English Commercial Court: Flaux J: [2011] EWHC 3108 (Comm) 29 November 2011 and English Commercial Court: Teare J: [2012] EWHC 1686 (Comm): 21 June 2012]
 as well as on the following cases and awards in London Arbitration:
- London Arbitration 13/97. LMLN 465: 30 August 1997.
- LMLN 533. 2000 Linden Navigation Corp v Grand Eastern Co Ltd (The ‘Dimitris Perrotis’)
- London Arbitration 20/00. LMLN 549. 23 November 2000.
- London Arbitration 15/05. LMLN 670, 20 July 2005.
- London Arbitration  04/11  LMLN 826,  July 2011